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Materials Used

Here at DisplayCasesandMore.com I use a wide range of material to produce the products you see on the site.

Wood Used

The wood we use the most is Red Oak in the displays. Your display can contain a combination of solid and veneered plywood. The inside shelves can contain a combination of solid oak, veneered plywood and a shelving product called MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). The backs of the displays are made of tempered hardboard which looks nice alone or you can add colored felt to help make your collectibles stand out. These combinations help keep the weight down for shipping and in turn, keeps the prices lower. All materials used work well together to make these displays an attractive piece of furniture for your home or office for years to come. All instrument stands are solid oak.

You may request a different type of wood or a combination of if available to match your home or office d├ęcor. There may be a price difference for these changes.


The visible hardware, hinges, latches and hooks are brass or brass colored unless stated differently. You may request different hardware if available, there might be extra cost added to your display for the changes. All hanging displays come with sawtooth hangers to mount on the back for you to hang on your wall. In my hardware page you will find wall anchors for sale of different styles for you to choose from depending on what type of wall you are displaying on.


All displays that come with doors are made out of solid wood frame with non–yellow Plexiglas. I do not use real glass for my displays, as real glass never makes it through shipping and real glass has to be tempered, so if it was to break it would shatter in small pieces. All displays that come with a sliding door, I use just the Plexiglas. There is no wood frame on sliding doors.

Stain Colors & Clearcoat Finish

Currently I only use MINWAX wiping stains on all the products here on my site. (White stain is no longer available and I do not paint any displays at this time except for the PEZ President White House display). The stain can vary slightly from batch to batch when I purchase, the color of the wood used and the color adjustment of your monitor can all have an effect on the final color when finished. I have no control of these, but I try to keep the colors as close as possible for future display orders that you are trying to match. The MDF shelving material I use on some cases is not stained, as it does not take the stain color very well. I will stain them if you wish, but I cannot guarantee how they will turn out. The clear coat that I use would be the same type furniture manufactures use to protect the furniture. The clear coat is a satin finish and will protect your display for many years. I can put a gloss finish on your display and it would be an extra charge.